Warm Weather for the Weekend

First off, I want to apologize for my absence in keeping all my readers updated on whatÂ’s going on in my life and my final semester at UD. The past couple weeks have been ridiculously busy with working two jobs, the cheerleading, and that thing IÂ’m at UD for in the first place, class. Let me catch you up to date on the past few weeks, and then I will tell you why this weekend has the chances of being the best weekend this semester thus far.

A few weeks ago, we ended having classes canceled for two days in a row. I canÂ’t remember if that has ever happened for me since being here but there were no complaints my way. Usually we have classes canceled or delayed due to snow, but we ended up getting the days off because of ice. The weather got pretty bad different points, especially when the power went off in the entire ghetto (student neighborhood). As for classes, they are going pretty well. The first two tests I have had I have done very well on them. Within the next few weeks, IÂ’m going to get very busy with classes as I have projects and large amounts of data to collect from many different test subjects for studies we have to conduct. The basketball team has been on its highs and lows. For a span of four or five games, we didnÂ’t play very well, but after a recent road win at Charlotte, we are all hoping for an end season comeback and the chance to play in the tournament.

This present time, IÂ’m glad to be done with my Friday classes. The weather is beautiful out and it feels warm out. By warm, IÂ’m talking upper 50Â’s maybe even in the 60Â’s. Walking through campus, especially the ghetto, everybody is hanging outside on the porches, with the music turned up, some burgers on the grill, and a feel of happiness and excitement for the weekend.

The Dayton Flyers have a big game tomorrow at home against Duquesne. Considering we got beat at their place earlier in the year and they are second in the A-10 standings, winning tomorrow would look good on their resume. As for the rest of the weekend, I donÂ’t have any concrete plans other than getting some sleep, relaxing, and hanging with friends. ItÂ’s time for me to log off of here, I got to get ready for practice before work tonight. Have a great weekend and be safe and make good choices!