Weekend Much Needed

"After a pretty long week with work, school, tests, and everything else, I'm ready to kick back and relax for the weekend. So far the only thing that I got planned is going to my granfather's ""Poppy"" house-warming party. He has been up in Atlanta for a couple of months but it wasn't until a couple weeks ago that he was actually able to move into his house. All of us are really happy for him especially now that he can hang at his house and not have to worry about the movers or worrying out housing contracts or any of that other fun stuff that usually comes with buying a house.

I have actually been on this exercise kick. At the end of June I started to go to the gym consistently. I set a goal to go to the gym or run for at least 30 days in a row. Today is Day 19 so over half-way there. Unfortunately today is a leg workout day....so needless to say a couple days from now I'm going to be hurting...but like they say ""No pain, No gain"".

Next week I will be heading back up to this great place we call the University of Dayton for cheerleading camp for six days before we go to the University of Tennessee for a three-day camp. I'm pretty excited to get back with friends, especially the ones for cheerleading and start hitting the practices hard. Though I have been staying in shape and stunting when I can over the summer, its during the year when we practice consistently that we get better.

Anyways, its time to get in this workout for the day. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Be safe and make good choices."