White Water BABY

"Today, we went to White Water, one of the top ten water parks in the U.S. If I could describe how are trip went today in two words, I would use ""ridiculously fun"". We left at about 9 a.m. so we could get to the park right at opening. Once in, we headed to my personal favorite ride, the Cliff Hanger. The Cliff Hanger is a long water slide that drops off over 90 feet in the air, giving yourself a nice little rush as you shoot down.

We pretty much hit up every ride that we could do, and sometimes more than once. I remember looking around seeing us all have a good time, and looking up to a sunny day with the shine beating down on us, and thought....I am lucky. After eating lunch, the guys split up with the girls, Kaitlyn and my sis Rebecca. They wanted to go lay out for a while and well...we wanted to keep on doing the rides. We even did this obstacle course over a pool a couple times. It didn't look too hard, but after attempting a few times my body was worn out.

Eventually we ended up going into the lazy river where the girls met up with us. Along the river, there is about 10-12 lifeguards watching the water making sure nobody is drowning or doing anything stupid. My friend Anthony decided he was going to try and flirt with all the women lifeguards. It was pretty funny to listen to him use pick up lines such as ""I like your fanny pack"" and ""I hope you scanned me""! My brother Ben thought it would be cool to get high 5's from all the lifeguards as well. He even busted out a dance or two and winked at one of the lifeguards. Needless to say the day was full of smiles and laughs.

After leaving the park, we headed home to relax for a few hours. In a little while some of my friends from Atlanta are coming over for a barbecue and to hang out. It should be fun so I am pretty excited. Hope everyone is having a good weekend thus far.

Be safe and make good choices!"