Winter Wonderland

For some reason, I woke up earlier this morning. IÂ’m not sure if I had this winter storm on my mind or not, but I looked out the window to see everything covered in snow. I know, for much snow is not a big deal and for many up north, itÂ’s just a pain in the neck. For all of us down in Atlanta, snow happens once in a blue moon so it is a very big deal down here when it happens. Because we are not prepared for winter weather, the city will many times shut down if conditions are bad. But taking a closer look outside, it was not just snow, but a thick layer of ice on top of the snow. As I saw this, I knew Atlanta had to be shut down.

I walk out into the living room where my dad already has the news on the TV with reports going crazy on how bad the conditions in the area are and warning people to stay off the roads. The camera then moves to a view of the roads to see a couple inches of snow along with that same layer of ice on top on all of the roads. Apparently, they have declared a state of emergency in regards to the winter weather. Of course schools were shutdown along with majority of businesses. With the weather this bad, I wonder how long everyone will be out of school for.

Well, because this doesnÂ’t happen very often, IÂ’m going to get off here and get some warmer clothes on. ItÂ’s time to do a little sledding on the hills we have in my neighborhood. Anyways, I hope everyone is staying warm wherever they are. Be safe and make good choices!