Working the late shift

Last week I started back working at Golds Gym. I have been working at the gym since I was sixteen. Its crazy to think that I am going on four years of working there. Although I have a good time working there, my actual job isnt the most fun. I keep the gym clean. Pretty much, I am a janitor. After working the evening shift last week, I asked to get some more hours in, so I decided to work the so called security shift at the gym. I figured I would be making sure nobody was trying to sneak it, but is was pretty much just cleaning and keeping an ey on the 24 hour entrance to make sure nothing suspicious was going on. I ended up working with two other guys, so the three hour shift from 9 to midnight went by pretty fast.

After getting off, I was plenty tired and didnt have a problem falling asleep. Overall I thought it was pretty fun and well Im doing it again tonight so hopefully everything will run smoothly. Oh and just an update.... its still extremely hot down here.

Be safe and make good choices