Four Weeks of Community

We always hear that phrase “time goes by when you’re having fun”, so I guess that would explain how i’m already four weeks into my time at the University of Dayton. 
Four Weeks. 
27 days.
38,880 minutes. 

2,332,800 seconds.

It’s been a crazy four weeks, to be sure— with time being taken up by floor bonding, making new friends, eating new things, studying (of course), and most importantly trying to find a way to cope with being away from home. Being my first year (class of 2019, represent!), the change between High School and College has been a large one. 
It seems like just yesterday I was walking the University of Dayton campus for the first time, a small part of a large tour group of nervous—yet excited—high school seniors on our first college tour. At the time the idea of being a part of something so large, so seemingly intimidating, seemed like an impossibility so far away. A short time later, I take my first step on campus on move in day almost a year later as a member of the freshman class. After the first day alone, that large, intimidating campus quickly became a small and close community. 
If you have yet to visit campus, or if you know nothing about Dayton, then chances are you haven’t had the word “community” thrown at you yet. Here at UD we take the word community very seriously, but it means many different things to many different people. What does community mean to me, you might ask? To me, community is a home away from home. It’s incredible to think of the life changes that i’ve gone through in the past 27 days. Living in a dorm. A significant lack of home cooked food. Doing my own laundry, the list goes on. Yet, as all these changes have hit me, I have yet to feel homesick. Why? Because I am at home here. I’m surrounded 24/7 by friends and smiling faces, and I couldn’t think of a better way to live. 
Going to college is one of the biggest changes i’ve had in my life, as it most likely has been for the other incoming freshmen. However, talk to any of them and you’ll be told that the community we have here makes us strong, and makes us family. 
Four weeks down, many to go. 
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