Where Family Meets Community

There really is nothing like family weekend at the University of Dayton.

It’s that truly magical weekend in the fall where families take over campus for a solid 72 hours of fun-filled activities for all ages. There really is nothing more fun than dragging your parents around campus for a whole multitude of activities. Whether its tailgating at a Flyer football game (which we won, by the way!) or laughing at your mom trying to take a family dance class, there’s no short of laughs and fun to be had. 

Family weekend is always a welcome surprise, right in time to help destress from midterms and a flurry of projects and presentations. It’s a great opportunity to forget about the stresses around you and focus on the things that mean the most in many of our lives: our family. This feeling goes both ways, as my mom commented that it was great to see such a big smile on my face as we walked around campus on this previous Sunday afternoon. College admission staffers often tell parents that “when your child finds the college for them, you’ll be able to see it in the smile on their face”. Two years in and I still have that smile.

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