Four Weeks

Class of 2020,

Welcome to week four here at the University of Dayton. So much has happened since you first arrived here on campus, so let’s take a second to take a look back on what has happened so far— then we’ll take a look forward at what all there is to come! 

You’re officially a college student, and hopefully you’ve made that transition with minimal mental duress. You did it. You’ve successfully started down the next big road of your life, and you find yourself going down it with a little extra hop in your step. This is an exciting path in your life, and it will only grow more and more exciting the farther you go down it. There’s so much more you’re going to get to experience here, so get ready for takeoff! (…get it? We’re the Flyers?)

You’ve met so many new people, and it’s starting to feel like home. Well, at least that’s the hope! This is an exciting time in your life, and there’s no need to go through it alone! You’ve met the people on your floor who make your floor feel like home. You’ve started learning names of people in your classes. Never be afraid to branch out, though. You can never truly know enough people. Dayton feels more and more like home when you recognize a couple friendly faces on your walk to class! 

You’re taking college classes… and maybe you’re not as stressed as you thought you were going to be! Behold, the beauty of college! College isn’t all big scary lecture halls and menacing professors like you were afraid it might be. You’re getting more and more comfortable in each class, and getting back into the swing of being a student. Sure studying for tests and quizzes can be daunting, but just be sure to stay on top of it and this year will fly by! (…how many flight-related puns do you think I can get in this?)

You’re getting engaged! No no, not like the wedding sense— rather engaged in on campus clubs and activities! You’ve been to our infamous Up the Orgs and seen hundreds of fliers around campus promoting various clubs, and hopefully you’ve joined a couple! Clubs are a great way to get engaged and to meet new people here. Maybe your floor has put together an intramural sports team… there’s endless possibilities! Stay busy by having fun.

You realized that everything is going to be a-okay. Any fears that you may have had about college have all but disappeared in the rush of events and classes over the past four weeks. You’ve started to fully settle into your new home for the next four years, and you couldn’t be happier. This is home, and you’re surrounded by your family!

The next four years of your life may be some of the best, and count yourself lucky that you’re only just four weeks in! Over the next four years you will be surrounded by the community that the University of Dayton is so well known for— but it’s not just a buzzword. Community means that you’re surrounded by like-minded people that will everything they can to help you! You’re never alone here! 

So welcome to the fourth week of the rest of your life class of 2020. Make it the best that you can and take advantage of every second. 

Welcome to the University of Dayton. Welcome home!

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