Exciting Changes at the Union

The John F. Kennedy Memorial Union has been a staple in the University of Dayton community since our earliest days— but big changes are coming to update the union at the heart of campus. 

Kennedy Union has something for everyone. Need a place to study? Head up to Torch Lounge, which also serves as an open events space. Need to relax after all that studying? Head to the Galley for a quick game of foosball, bowling, or billiards between classes— and grab a milkshake on your way out. Kennedy Union is also home to the commuter lounge, the Center for Student Involvement, the campus information center, and the box office— just to name a few. Arguably the most important, however, is the Kennedy Union dinning hall. 

The Kennedy Union dinning hall is getting an extreme makeover, and just recently closed last Friday to get underway. Renovations will span over the next year and will be complete in time for the beginning of the 2017 fall semester. When it opens, the new space will include 3 micro-restaurants: Spice, Toss, and ‘Que. Spice is the place where “East meets West”, and will feature  food from a set of rotating global tastes including Italian, Indian, and Chinese. Toss will feature gourmet salads and custom pizzas. ‘Que— the one I’m most excited for— will feature smoked meats, rotisserie chicken, and many more down-home cooking favorites. All of this just in time for the new academic year. 

The main floor of Kennedy Union will also be updated, starting in the spring of this year. While this area is still in the planning phases, there are some new and exciting changes to note. The existing Barrett Dining Room is going to be renovated and turned into an Au Bon Pain. If you’re not familiar with Au Bon Pain, think of it like Panera. This grab-n-go fresh bakery will feature hot soups, bakery goods, fresh salads, as well as fresh made sandwiches. Oh, and don’t forget smoothies. On top of the new Au Bon Pain, Torch lounge and the lobby will also undergo renovations starting Spring of 2017 and reopening at the same time as the dinning hall. 

Exciting changes are coming to Kennedy Union this year, and I for one cannot wait to try some of that new barbecue next Fall. 

Additional details on the Kennedy Union remodel can be found at: 


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