Man's Best Friend


What’s the best way to curb stress during midterm season? 

That’s right. Be a professor and bring your brand new, two month old puppy to class.

Last week, in the heat of midterms stress, I arrived to my Social Science class 5 minutes late. I’m sorry mom, it was just a late night. But to my absolute surprise and utter joy, I arrived to find my professor with a living puppy in the front pocket of his sweatshirt. 

There are very few things that make me cry tears of joy, and my professor managed to find one of those triggers in the form of his new puppy named Autumn. 

There’s a reason dogs are a man’s (or woman’s) best friend. It’s the same reason why the University of Dayton library brings in dogs for students to play with during finals week. It brings us a sense of peace and childhood awe— and for many of us, it makes us think of the dogs of our own waiting for us back home. 

All you had to do was answer a question right, and you got to hold the puppy. Talk about a way to increase class participation!

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