Faith Foundations

You'd be amazed by the questions I get when people find out that I go to a Catholic college. 

"Do you have to go to mass everyday?" 

"Do you all have to pray in the mornings?"

"Why would you go to a Catholic college?"

I grew up Catholic. Born and raised. I have been in a private Catholic school for my entire life, and will be in one for the next four years. Faith has played an important role in my life. Growing up in these communities of like-minded people, Dayton was the obvious choice for me. However, the idea of a Catholic college still confuses many people. Let me explain what it means to be a religious person on a Catholic campus. 

The University of Dayton is a Catholic college in the Marianist tradition. But, what even is a Marianist? The Marianists are a society whom view Mary as the model of discipleship. In their mission they are called to service as well as community living. This is the framework in which Dayton operates. As our educational philosophy states, "We educate for service, justice and peace. We readily adapt and change with the times. We build communities of faith and educate in a family spirit. And above all, we provide an integral, high-quality education on a campus that's known for its hospitality and inclusiveness". But, what does that mean to the average student? Simply, it means opportunity. 

The University of Dayton is a place that will open doors for you and give you every opportunity to grow in your faith--It all depends on you. If you want to go to mass, you can go to mass. If you want to go to a bible study, you can. If you want to participate and grow in your faith, Dayton is a safe place to do so. You'll never be alone in your faith journey here, there's a huge amount of support behind you in the form of both campus ministry as well as hundreds of other students. All of this creates a huge sense of community. This is what Dayton provides. 

So, why do I go to a Catholic school? It's just that. Community. 

There's something about being a part of a community of other like-minded people. With that community comes common values and morals, things that I've always held very closely to my heart. Is Dayton a Catholic school? Yes it is. However, that does not mean you have to be a die-hard Catholic to come here. It just means that you will have the opportunity to build your foundations in faith here. Take advantage of it. 

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