A Time to Give Thanks

It's that time of year again where everything speeds up. Leaves are falling. Grades are falling. Temperatures are falling. We start to find ourselves at home with family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday. The next month will disappear quickly beneath us college kids in a rush of finals, projects, and a rush to get home for Christmas. For seniors in high school, the time will go equally as fast as college application deadlines have to be met. The time will certainly go fast, so make sure to take some time to slow yourself down.

As Matthew Broderick famously says in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. 

We all love this time of year, and most of us put up with Thanksgiving as it means Christmas isn’t far around the corner. As we prepare for this Thursday—and the feast that will ensue— I encourage you to slow yourself down and rediscover what it is that you’re thankful for. Take the time to be with your family. Skip the pre-black Friday, day of Thanksgiving shopping. Spend it instead with those around you, eating food until you fall asleep. Then, wake up and eat some more. Tis the season.

We all have plenty to be thankful for in the holiday season, and sometimes I think we get too caught up in the rush to Christmas to remember that. As life moves fast, let us all slow ourselves down in the next month and remember the reason for the season. I’d hate for anyone to miss something.

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