A New Day

We’ve finally had it: the first cool day at the University of Dayton. Finally, the weeks of stifling consistent 85-degree heat have broken as my afternoon walk to class almost required a long sleeve shirt— and I couldn’t be happier. It’s the little things in life, after all. 

This new fall weather brings with it a breath of fresh air. Things have started to settle down here as fall break is just around the corner. The past weeks have been lost in a whirlwind of finding familiar faces after a long summer, struggling to remember new class schedules, and trying to find that extra time to go to the gym. But at last, it seems like I’ve fallen back into place. 

There’s a comfort that I find in routine. Every day follows a familiar order. As we move further into this semester, with midterms closing in fast, it’s always nice to take a moment to reflect on the events of the beginning of my Sophomore year. 

Someone recently told me that “Sophomore year is where you decide whether or not you actually like the school you go to”. To me, this makes total sense. The wide-eyed awe of Freshman year has all but began to wear off as college is now a standard as opposed to a new reality. You know the campus. You have your friends and your clubs. It’s simply your life now. That being said, there’s no shortage of excitement and opportunity that comes along as well. Every year brings new opportunities— and new challenges. This excitement of a new set of experiences is what has made the excitement of Freshman year carry through the summer to now. Very simply, I have decided that Dayton truly is the place for me.

It’s a new day at the University of Dayton. There’s a new breath of excitement in the air, filling the lungs of the flyer faithful. It drives us on the soccer filed during our intramural games under the lights. It excites us as we cheer on the Dayton football team at Welcome Stadium. It fills us with confidence as we make our early walks to class. It creates within us a sense of peace as we take a break away from it all as we sit in serenity pines. 

Fall has taken over the University of Dayton, and it’s breathed new life into all of us.

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