Accepted? How to Make the Choice

Well the first waves of acceptance letters have been sent out some very hopeful Flyers, also now known as the Class of 2020. So, you’ve got the offer… what do you do now? 

Time to narrow it down! 

As more offers come in from the various schools you’ve applied to, it’s time to start narrowing down the field a little bit. Start to formulate what it is you really want in a college experience, take a look at your options, and find the one that you can most envision yourself in. This is often times the most tricky part. The solution? Spend some time on campus. Have you visited campus? If not, it’s a very rewarding experience— and by rewarding I mean those who visit campus and file FAFSA by March 1 receive a textbook scholarship (essentially free text books all four years). There’s still some time left as of right now, so make sure to schedule that visit! 

Also, if you happen to know someone who is a student here, I encourage you to spend a night or a weekend with them. What’s the best way to learn about being a student here? Come pretend to be one, of course! This last weekend I had the honor of hosting one such undecided senior, a friend of mine from high school. It turns out both of us are absolutely horrible at the game of pool… like bad enough to discourage either of us from ever playing again. I digress. It’s amazing how many questions you can answer for a prospective student in under 30 hours— everything from the different meal plans to how you go about scheduling classes. Besides getting to ask more questions than you can imagine, you also get the chance to just hang out and be a college kid for the first time and see what it’s really like. I definitely suggest this to anyone on the fence. 

Have more questions? Feel free to post bellow! Also, accepted students remember to join the Facebook Class of 2020 page— it’s a great place to meet others in your class and an even better place to ask questions! 

It’s a big decision to make, so make sure to cut out some time to spend on campus if you can. Get involved in the Facebook page. Get ready to be a Flyer!

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