Nothing is slowing down...

My Life: Mike


I¬?ve received my results from my LSAT and although I didn¬?t score as his as I would¬?ve liked, I did well. I still want to take the test again som... More

Life has been hectic lately...

My Life: Mike


I took my lsat two weekends ago and I'm waiting for the results. I'm anxious about how I did but I don't really have the time to worry about it. I stu... More

Partying with a Professor at a MOSQUE?

My Life: Mike


There is controversy currently as to the building of a mosque at ground zero. The media is portraying that the mosque would be a symbol of "Muslim suc... More

Summer Time!...

My Life: Mike


Everything has been going well. School let out about a month ago and instead of going straight to work, I've been hanging out for the past month. I fi... More

Toronto was great, this summer will be even better...

My Life: Mike


The trip NSBE took to our first international conference, in Toronto, Canada was great. I attended a workshop sponsored by Cummins one day, an engine ... More

Canada is around the corner!...

My Life: Mike


This part of the semester is always busy. I'm getting ready for my Spring Break trip with NSBE to Toronto, Canada for our international conference. Th... More

MEP and LSAT...

My Life: Mike


This weekend has been eventful. Today I helped out with the Minority Engineering Program by attending a luncheon with prospective students and their p... More

Maybe England, Definitely Canada!...

My Life: Mike


"School is picking up! This weather helps a little. Because it's so bad out I have nothing but time to do homework. I have to design my own ""shell"" ... More

Things are going well so far...

My Life: Mike


It?s the beginning of the second week back and classes are going great! The weather is trying to keep me from going anywhere but that's just a minor i... More

'Oh Sweet Baby Jesus'...

My Life: Mike


The NSBE formal is tomorrow night at 7 pm at the Patterson Homestead, $5 a person and $7 a couple. I'm going to try to go but I've got a lot to get ac... More

Studying is my life, but I'm ok with that...

My Life: Mike


I've had a lot of work to get done this past month and I've been able to complete it because I stay in the library until it's finished. Today I had a ... More

Cooking good food just got cheaper!...

My Life: Mike


One of the biggest advantages in living off campus is that I get to cook my own meals. College food is alright the first year but by the end of my sop... More

Get out of your comfort zone...

My Life: Mike


I attended the Diversity Lecture Series event this past Friday where Harvard Law School Graduate and CSI NY star Hill Harper spoke on fear, courage, a... More

KU Ride Wall...

My Life: Mike


"I've had a Differential Equations midterm and an East Asian history exam so fall break can't get here quick enough. Most of my friends are staying on... More

Time management + Midterms = Success...

My Life: Mike


The OMA networking event was a success for those that attended the 19th of this month. Another OMA event this past Friday in the VWK main meeting room... More

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