'Oh Sweet Baby Jesus'...

The NSBE formal is tomorrow night at 7 pm at the Patterson Homestead, $5 a person and $7 a couple. I'm going to try to go but I've got a lot to get accomplished by next Friday. I have a critical book review due for my East-Asian history class and I've totally missed the point of the book I'm reading on Medieval Japan. So I'll be rereading it and attempting to pull together some type of draft by next Wednesday. The write place came in handy the last paper I wrote, checking my grammar and overall structure, but the content is what I'm worried about and my professor, Dr. Chris Agnew, is the only one qualified to critique it. I enjoy the class a lot I just wish I would've taken the class in a semester where I didn't have to study for Differential Equations, Electronic Devices, and Computer Architecture.

These classes aren't as time consuming, workload wise, but are critical for my major so I have to understand them in and out and I find myself barley able to keep up in class. I feel confident about Diff. Eq. and Electronic Devices but I just took my last exam in Computer Architecture today, and let's just say I'm less than confident I did well. Sadly it's not because I didn't study but because the grasp of the material I have wasn't covered on the exam. The more I matriculate the more I see how classes are less about factual regurgitation and more about conceptual knowledge of the material. I would've done a lot better had I had time to think about the questions more but because the test had to be completed in an hour, I had to rush and I don't do well when I rush. I'm going to keep pushing myself these last couple of weeks but I just need some type of incentive to keep me going (Like a better grade than the last Computer Architecture test).

Gone are the freshman and sophomore day's where classes were structured like high school. Now the classes are harder than diamond and effort doesn't always get the grade I want/ need. But I did it to myself choosing engineering so I have no room to complain. I keep reminding myself of the end goal. I guess I'm just venting to keep from balling my eyes out and going into a deep depression (LOL). I'll keep my head held high and since we go to a Catholic school I can ask you all to PRAY FOR ME!!!! (Oh sweet baby Jesus...)