Bad Back...Good Week...Better Semester...

This past week was event filled for me. I finalized a MatLab project on voice recognition I've been working on for some weeks now. The task seemed overwhelming at first but wasn't really that hard. I enjoyed the challenge and can say that I've written a voice recognition program for my resume. My birthday was the 4th and me and some friends went to Marycrest to celebrate. Before I got to party, however, I had to change my friends tire for her since she couldn't get a hold of anyone else. Someone slashed her tire the night before and I had to save the day. But, because the S2 parking lot is so crowded on the weekend, I had to twist my body in an awkward position to get underneath the car, and somehow, I managed to pull a back muscle. Luckily this was on Friday and I didn't have to wake up early to go to class because it took me a good 45 minutes to get out of bed the following morning.

Classes have been good lately because I've been studying a lot more. I was trying to study as much as I did last year and it wasn't giving me the results I wanted so I decided to cut some things back to increase the amount of time I have to study. I did well on a recent test I took so I feel as though this change was for the better. It was difficult at first but now it's become second nature to not go back to the dorm in between classes and to stay out of the room until my work is finished for the night. Before, I lost a lot of study time going back to the room but now I'm studying in between classes and it's helping me out a great deal. I'm going to carry this habit over to next semester since it's doing well for me so far.