Canada is around the corner!...

This part of the semester is always busy. I'm getting ready for my Spring Break trip with NSBE to Toronto, Canada for our international conference. This will be the first time NSBE has had a conference outside of the US. I'm looking forward to going with the students from my chapter to this historic event. I've started working in the Motoman lab again. We're working on getting the robots to a point where they operate without miniscule error. Before we got the robots they would execute a job correctly but with a small percision of error. It's our goal to eliminate as much of this error as possible.

I took the practice LSAT and I scored average so this summer I plan to take a Princeton Review LSAT prep course to increase my score. I want to get in to a las school in the Washington, DC area because I have family there and that is where the United States Patent and Trademark office is located. I want to be a patent lawyer so this area is a good one for me to study in and network for a career after my graduation.

I'm struggling a bit this semester and it's partially due to procrastination but I've got a plan of attack...don't procrastinate anymore! We'll see if I can keep to that for at least 2 weeks, after that it'll become a habit and I won't have to try it'll just be second nature.