Exams are over!...

I got done with exams today! It was a long couple of days studying. There were multiple parties this weekend I couldn't attend because I was studying for exams. I was in the library Saturday from 8pm until 5:30 Sunday morning studying for my CPS 350 exam.

Exam time is no joke, at least not for me. The days leading up to that I spent a good portion of my week studying for my other exams. Last Thursday I was studying for my calc 3 exam in Kettering Labs with one of my floor mates from last year. I think the relationships I built freshman year have come in handy more times than I can count. We helped each other understand topics we didn't know about. I think the reason people have trouble studying for exams, is because they try to do it alone. It was more than beneficial for me to work with him, for calc 3, and some of my other classmates and friends, for my other classes.

I took my CPS350 exam today and I feel more confident about that exam than any exam or test I've had this semester in that class! I'm in a great mood today for the first time in a while. I had to learn an invaluable lesson this year: Not to stress about things out of my control. It wasn't a lesson tied to school really just one of the many life lessons I've learned thus far in college.

I'll be on campus for a few more days getting in my last hours for the semester in the motorman lab. I've had a blast researching and working with my mentor and supervisor. They make work fun and intriguing. I'll be back working with them next fall semester so I won't be too sad leaving.

I think every freshman should come into college on their A game and secure an internship early. That way you'll have motivation for completing the year successfully and to the best of your ability. I start my internship at Northrop Grumman next Monday, and I'm ready to get to work. I'll be living in a town house they provide for the interns. Last year we had access to a pool, gym, basketball and tennis courts.

For tonight I plan to relax with my cousin in Garden Apartments and go out with my roommate and a couple of freshman friends. She's cooking dinner and this couldn't come at a better time in the year. My flex has been gone for a little while now and I needed some down home cooking. I studied hard and I'm going to party just as much tonight. Nice little balance I think. :-)