Get out of your comfort zone...

I attended the Diversity Lecture Series event this past Friday where Harvard Law School Graduate and CSI NY star Hill Harper spoke on fear, courage, and purpose. He gave many examples of how fear limits an individual's growth and also how it can be a motivating factor to do well. I can relate to the latter part of that statement.

Freshman year when I first came to college I had many of the typical concerns: Would I do well, would people like me, is my major for me? These were just some of the questions that kept me up at night weeks before I got to campus. But those very fears I had as an incoming freshman gave me purpose to do well and gain lasting friendships. So when I arrived on campus I studied like crazy during the week to get my grades and during the weekend I would go out with friends to events on campus or to organizational houses and hang out with upperclassmen. To accomplish these goals I had to have enough courage to speak to people I wasn't used to interacting with in class for assignments. Had I let the fear get the best of me I wouldn't have made as many friends or done as well in school. As you decide on where you want your future to go remember to not let feelings of uncertainty hinder your progress.