Getting Ready for the Fall...

"Summer's going well so far, I work all week but I usually go up to campus on the weekends to visit and party with some of my friends that are living in the ""South Student Neighborhood"". I've also been getting ready for my classes, and I'm in the process of signing a rental agreement for my off-campus fall housing.

I'm trying to get my books early this year so that I don't have to rush those few days before classes start. I ordered some off and some from Both of those websites sells books that are substantially cheaper than what the UD book store sells them for and I'd recommend buying from them. The only down side about AbeBooks is that some of the shipping times range from 4 to 15 days. So get them early if you plan to buy offline. Luckily I'll be using my friends Differential Equations book so I won't have to buy that one. Unfortunately I don't know what engineering books I'll have to buy yet because they are still figuring out who's going to be teaching my classes. I hope they figure that out soon so I can save money on those expensive engineering books.

My roommate and I have been looking for a place to stay, after the other property we were interested in renting was taken off the market, and now we have one! For the past 2 years I've lived on campus (Founder's freshman year and VWK sophomore year) and although I've enjoyed being around various types of people, I'm looking forward to having my own place that has no quiet hours, no intrusive Public Safety, and no Resident Education (aka RA's, RC's, or AC's). I'll have one other roommate and the house is down Stuart behind the cemetery. Now that we have an idea of what we'll be paying, we're looking for furniture and appliances.

The washer and dryer we plan to get off Craigslist and for the couch and some chairs, we'll probably go to Value City Furniture. We'll be moving in August 1st and although I won't be there until the Friday before school starts, I'm eager to find some air conditioners that are reasonably priced so that I don't have to die of heat stroke when I first move in. I remember not having any air conditioning freshman year in Founder's when the heat index was in the 100's and they were letting people sleep in the Rec Plex. I wouldn't want to relive that nightmare or any similar situation again.