Less Homework = More Fun...

My last class of the week was Differential Equations. We took a quiz today and I think I aced it. I really like this class because it focuses more on procedure than memorization. I don't like memorizing in math; I feel it is a lesser form of learning. Now that I'm done with classes for the week I can focus my energy on the weekend.

I figure because I have very little homework over the weekend, I'll go out tonight to the BATU (Black Action Through Unity) ice breaker in Kennedy Union. This ice breaker serves as a social event between upper class students and freshman. After that I'm not sure what I'll be doing tonight but my friend did tell me about a birthday party on college park so I might see what's going on with that or I could go to Tim's pub on brown street. Like I said I'm not sure, but whatever I decide to do I'm going to have lots of fun. I don't anticipate every weekend being this light of work but when I do get one, I want to make the best of it.