Life, Classes, Television,...Facebook Overdosing.

" ""Life has become somewhat monotonous lately."" My friend talked about that at lunch today in KU. How things this time of year seem dull and kind of depressing on campus. I can agree with that because I feel like I'm more energetic during the spring and summer and less active in the fall and winter. I think it has to do with exposure to the sun and the warmth of outside. (I'm no scientist though.) There isn't much time to dwell on that thought for me anyway because school as an engineer is in FULL GEAR!

Classes have already started picking up for me and I'm still waiting on my books to get here. I'm getting assignments and it's only the first week of Spring Semester. If this is what the beginning is like I'm going to have to quickly get ready for the remainder of the semester. This semester I'm taking: ECE 215, ECE 215 Lab, ECE 301, ECE 301 Lab, CPS 350, and MTH 218. All of which deal directly with my major so I need to do well. It's a total of 16 credits; not to many but enough credits to keep me occupied during the week.

Speaking of which, I just got done doing my homework in ECE 203. It's my class on the MatLab Application. This, alongside Maple, is the application most Scientists and Engineers use to solve complex mathematical problems that are too tedious to solve by hand. It's a very interesting tool and when I figure it out I'm going to start doing my Math homework in it! That way, if, and when, I need to do a quick calculation I'll be able to do it in MatLab instead of by hand. I'm picking up some useful abilities in Excel too. My roommate is a whiz at it though so if I get stuck I won't have to go far. I'm all about saving me time and energy. I can get done with my homework quickly and with an added degree of accuracy in my answers.

In tonight's spare time, I'm going to be watching the new American Idol. I don't follow shows like this usually but since I'm in for the night I might as well watch something funny. I feel it's good for people to pursue their passions just like the next person. But if I can get 7 chuckles off of it too I'm going to. I don't really take most of those people seriously anyway. I hope and pray that some just wanted to be funny and get on the show to say they did it.

I just recently started watching Boston Legal over break. I like the humor and drama on the show. There is more humor than drama though. I'm not too into drama in any manifestation; on the TV, in books, in LIFE. Just can't do it. I don't get into that kind of television. Not much to gain from watching it. At home over breaks I watch a lot of Science Channels. You would figure the engineering school would've worked out a deal with the campus cable provider to have those channels brought in. I'm going to look into that, not to get other channels taken off or banned but just for more variety. We have a couple of HD channels and a couple of channels in Spanish, French, and some other languages. It's an attempt to get diversity in what we watch I'm sure. I shouldn't complain. I'm not going to watch more TV anyway. It's stopped running my life after I got a laptop and created a Facebook Account.

It's just ridiculous as to how Facebook has permeated a lot of our everyday schedule. Lately I feel like I've overdosed on Facebook. I get up and immediately check my Facebook, in between and when I'm done with classes, I'll check Facebook to make sure I've stayed current on today's wall posting feuds and photo uploads. I've seen an increase in the ""16 facts about me"" notes people are posting. It's interesting to learn a couple of new facts about friends and it's also interesting to see just how well you know people."