Life, Goals, Life Destination, and Obama!

"I was talking with a friend earlier today about goals, dreams, and life destination. The conversation was sparked by a commercial promoting the upcoming inauguration. We were talking about how Obama's choices in life ultimately led to his presidential election.

I postulated that dreams are given to focus our goals and help us get to our life destination. But that our life destination is a result of our completed goals. I feel short-term goals keep us focused on the present and help us keep our daily lives on track. If presented with a situation that knocks one away from their short-term goal, that person should choose the option that keeps them on track to completing their goal. For instance, say someone was offered the opportunity to go play basketball at the Rec but they knew the material they were required to learn by test time demanded more hours of study and commitment to the material, if they wanted to get an A on the test. The short-term goal is to get an A on a test. Applying my thought process to that situation; the person would refuse the distraction, the Rec, and study the material. This, my roommate told me, only works in reality, and to some extent I agree with him.

I agree that decisions of that magnitude when looked at through a limited perspective can become gray at times. I do feel that when someone does make a decision they should look at the outcome of that decision in a broader light. My short term goal this semester is to get an internship with Baxter for the fall semester of next year.

I made this my semester goal after I went to the National Society of Black Engineers regional in Detroit. Baxter is a company that develops and manufactures health care solutions. They need computer engineers like me to help make the programs and systems they utilize in their solutions. I want to get an internship with their Tampa, Florida facility. I know that in order to get this internship, I have to get the grades this semester. This short-term goal ties into my goal of becoming a patent lawyer.

I feel I need experience in the engineering field as well as the ability to interpret the law to be an effective patent attorney. I ultimately want to run my own patent law firm somewhere out west near Silicon Valley, the technological capital of the US. UD's engineering program offers an excellent program to develop skills in engineering that are applicable to the field when I graduate. That's why I chose to come to UD during my undergraduate years of study.

Whether we become a successful partner at a law firm, entrepreneurial businessman/woman or an everyday employee, is up to the individual at this point in our lives. We all are now able to become an ""Obama"". We can't say where everybody has come from up to this point in their lives but we can say, with certainty, that they are here at University of Dayton with access to the same opportunities as everyone else. I feel that if people, including me, made immediate decisions with their long term effects in mind, they would be more successful in their undergraduate studies and as a result, be more satisfied with their life destination."