Life has been hectic lately...

I took my lsat two weekends ago and I'm waiting for the results. I'm anxious about how I did but I don't really have the time to worry about it. I studied all summer and I feel confident I did well. Over the month long break we'll be having in December I plan to look in to some more law schools. I've looked in to some before but just to get more options I'm going to expand my search to some schools I didn't think to look at.

I work every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the morning from 8-12. I'm working with Ultra Electronics, the same company I interned with over the summer. I'm still testing code and helping with various other office tasks. I'm also learning how to develop code that way I can move to creating software instead of testing software other people have made.

Classes are picking up in intensity and I'm spending more and more time at the library. I have a systems programming exam next Monday and I'll be studying for that all weekend. I also need to study for my discrete signals and systems class. I took a test last week and didn't do as well as I had hoped. But practice makes perfect and the library is where I do my practicing. I know it's to be expected but I never enjoy being in the library for hours on end, but it makes the breaks that much better.

For the month long winter break we get starting the 17th of December I plan on going to a resort with my girlfriend. She's graduating this semester from Case Western Reserve's nursing program this December. I'm not sure where we'll be going, but we have to decide by the end of next week. My only requirement is that it have white sand and clear water.

My sisters are coming to campus this Sunday for an open house and I'll actually be helping out with it. This will be the second one I'll work. Basically what I do is help set up the engineering booth and direct parents to the people they need to speak with. The last time I helped nearly everyone wanted to be a Chemical Engineer. So basically I didn't get to answer any questions about my major or the ECE department. Hopefully this Sunday there'll be more students interested in ECE.

President Emissaries is going well. I'm on the Committee that oversees the application and interviewing process. We are in the process of getting rules established for the interviewing process. The head of the committee has experience doing rules for admission procedures in a Greek organization so I'm thinking our committee will be able to do some interesting and implement something that will stay with the organization in the future. This past week the board of trustees were on campus. I had class during the times that were offered to escort them around campus. The next time they're on campus I'm going to make it a point to meet with some of them. I did get to meet with Lynton Scotland, a trustee who is also VP of Sustainable Star in Fairfax, VA. I've gotten to speak with Mr. Scotland before and he's always interested in how I'm doing and how he can help me accomplish my goal of getting in to law school. I'm thankful for the opportunities PE has afforded me and for the help of people like Mr. Scotland. I'll be in touch...