Long Time No Post...

It's been a while since my last blog and a lot has happened recently. On the snow day I got 2 scholarship applications started and 1 is almost done except for the transcripts I need to send out. I just wish there was no fee for sending them. The scholarship was from the American Chemical Society and I was referred by my Chemistry professor from my freshman year. My advice to anyone reading this blog is to get to know your professors. Whether its scholarship, research or job opportunities, the professors on campus have networks you can tap into for all sorts of things.

My MatLab professor this semester has a PhD student who is doing research with the Motoman robots and now I'm working on it too. You can find some information on the robots at: http://www.motoman.com. Yesterday was my first day on the job and I was tasked with helping redesign the lab. The robots weigh a lot and most of them have to sit on 1000lbs tables to counter act the inertia they generate. The robots are so powerful that if they aren't configured right they could destroy themselves. They can move at speeds greater than 100cm/sec, and when a 500lbs robot moves at that speed you don't want to get in its way. We were redesigning the lab for this very reason; SAFTEY.

They eventually want to turn the room where the research I'm helping conduct goes on, into a graduate level class and so safety measures need to be installed to protect the students from getting injured. The solution my mentor came up with was to use a laser beam perimeter like a kill switch. If the robots are moving and the beam of light is broken, they shut off.

This past weekend I went to the Greene and Fairfield mall on NSBE's bill. We rented vans for the day from campus ministry and about 7 of us took advantage of the free ride and gas. Some people shopped but I just went to get out of the dorm. After being stuck inside all last Wednesday because of the snow day, I wanted to get out. I'm also one of the only people approved to drive the vans. Even though there wasn't a large turn out, I had fun. Its better we had few people that way we didnt have to collaborate much on what we wanted to do. Roller skating is the next event being planned and that should be just as fun. CAB, or Campus Activity's Board, is taking people to Dave and Buster's the 21st of this month and this Friday BATU, or Black Action Through Unity, is having a social for elementary kids and college students to mingle and connect. There's just so much for me to do and so little time to do it in. But I wouldn't have it any other way.