Maybe England, Definitely Canada!...

"School is picking up! This weather helps a little. Because it's so bad out I have nothing but time to do homework. I have to design my own ""shell"" for my operating systems class. A shell is an interface someone uses to communicate with a computer. We all are used to Windows and their graphical interface, with buttons and windows, but my shell will be just text based. It will look like what you see if u go to ""run"" and type ""cmd"" on your windows machine. I've been designing it since it was assigned so I'm confident in my ability to get it coded over the weekend. I'm enjoying all the classes I'm in this semester and that's a plus. It makes studying less of a chore. I've recently applied for a summer job in England with a company called Path Intelligence. My friend goes to MIT and he worked for them last summer and since he's found something else for this summer I thought I'd throw my hat in the rink. I got my passport about a month ago because I'm going to Toronto, Canada for the National Society of Black Engineers International conference.

I've been to Windsor, Canada for spring break last year and I had a blast. From what I'm told Toronto is a lot more fun. If I could give any incoming freshman any advice it would be to get involved in something productive. NSBE has afforded me the opportunity to meet a lot of good people and expand my professional network. I'm also going to be sending my resume to a friend who works for the department of Labor. If anyone knows about a summer internship for a Computer Engineering major send me an email to Welp I""m off to start ""nerding"" haha I mean coding this shell.