Nothing is slowing down...

IÂ’ve received my results from my LSAT and although I didnÂ’t score as his as I wouldÂ’ve liked, I did well. I still want to take the test again sometime before next fall so I have some time to continue studying. As for school, well thatÂ’s another story.

IÂ’m finding that I was a bit over zealous in my assessment of my time management skills. DonÂ’t get me wrong theyÂ’re good but they could be better. Between work, school, and extra curriculars itÂ’s hard to find time to do much of anything to de-stress and I feel myself getting burnt out. This being first semester, me feeling burnt out is not an option. But I think this month long Christmas break coming up will be just what I need especially since IÂ’ll be going to Punta Cana with my girlfriend.

My girlfriend is graduating from Case WesternÂ’s Nursing program in about a week and IÂ’ll be up there to support her before I fully submerse myself in exam preparation. Afterwards, IÂ’ll work full time until school starts back up again. In between however is when IÂ’ll be relaxing on the beach. ThatÂ’s the only thing keeping me focused.

My responsibility at work is finally starting to advance. Testing other peoples code was getting old and I saw myself truly wishing I could start law school immediately after I graduate. But since IÂ’m being tasked with creative work, IÂ’ll stick to the original plan and work until I can enter law school.