One week done already...

"Classes started off this semester in full force. Every class I went to last Wednesday assigned some type of homework and lectured the first day. I would've been more surprised had the professors not assigned anything. I understand upper classmen classes cover so much material that for the professors to expose us to all the material they can't afford to wait, but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it. My math teacher blamed rising tuition costs on campus for his lecture and assigned problems, which took two days to complete. However, I do appreciate the care professors, like my math professor, take in preparing lectures and setting up office hours.

Almost all professors are flexible in the hours they give help, and my electronic devices professor is no different. I expect to meet with my electronic devices professor constantly so that I keep up with concepts. I took the class last semester but due to certain circumstances I was unable to finish. I've found that I can spend less time on homework and become more familiar with concepts when I meet with the professor briefly to discuss the lecture and questions I had, than if I attempted to figure it out myself. This leaves me time in my schedule to do what I enjoy, like see my friends.

Most, if not all, of my friends live on Keifaber St in the ""South Student Neighborhood"". I went out Friday night and though it rained I enjoyed getting out and seeing some people I haven't seen since school let out in May. We talked about our summer jobs, family, classes, and UD in general. Overall it was a good first week back.