School's almost here...

For the past month I've been getting ready for school to begin. Getting my financial aid squared away, finding a place to stay at, and getting my car fixed have been things on my priority list for a while now.

I found a place to stay for the school year! I had been searching for fall housing after the landlord my roommate and I had been dealing with decided to take their property off the market. We moved into our house 2 weeks ago and have been getting settled in since. Thankfully I've gotten a lot better at cooking this summer so I'm not too worried about eating and the bills won't stress me out because I got my financial aid to cover my half of the rent and utilities. This past Friday we got DirecTV installed and we now have the ability to manipulate time. Actually we got the DVR and can pause and record live TV, but it feels like I can control time. We didn't get any packages but some of my friends were talking about NFL ticket so we'll see.

I got my car back from the shop this past Friday where it had been getting a two day fix for about a week due to the wrong part being shipped. I'll be happy when robots make these types of repairs quick and easy. The research I'm helping conduct makes me believe this day is closer than we could imagine. I'm just happy to have my car back. I had been car pooling with my roommate to and from work but now that he's back in school that's out of the question.

I've had a blast working this summer thus far. I get to stay in West Chester and get to work on some pretty interesting things. I've dealt with software almost exclusively these past two summers and I'm looking to come back next summer and gain experience in dealing with hardware. The experience in software and hardware will give me more of an idea of what I might be interested in dealing with if I were to come on full time.