Studying is my life, but I'm ok with that...

I've had a lot of work to get done this past month and I've been able to complete it because I stay in the library until it's finished. Today I had a differential equations test that I was studying for, in the library, until 5 am everyday this week. Now that it's the weekend I can sleep a little more than usual but I'll be in the library most of the weekend getting ahead in some of my classes and finishing up some work due Monday.

The hours I'm putting into my studies may seem a little excessive but I feel like it's appropriate given the increased difficulty of my classes. Freshman year I could do homework for about 4 hours a night and be ok, but since the difficulty of the material has increased my commitment to studying had to increase also. I see some of my friends on campus and they remind me of how little I get to go out but I feel it will all be worth it in a few short years. I just need to stay focused.

I feel it would be beneficial to find a group of people to study with. Even if you don't study the same things, you can motivate each other to study. My study group is just one other person right now, but we're trying to get more people to come with us. Even if we can't get more people we at least have each other and it makes the time go by a little faster.