Summer has come!...

"I moved down to West Chester, OH to start my summer internship with Northrop Grumman Xetron on Sunday May 3.The best thing about the apartment I'm staying in is that me and my roommate have our own bathrooms. During the school year I shared a bathroom with 3 other guys and let's just say the bathroom was always in ""less than adequate"" condition.

At work I've been awaiting all my paperwork to be approved so that I can start working on more than assembly and testing of engineered hardware. Last summer I worked on a different project and this summer they are giving me experience in a different area. I'm not too happy with the wait but it's a necessary evil. I didn't have internet access in the apartment or at work for about 3 days and we all know how terrible not having internet can be.

It sounded like the trip from Dayton to Daytona was a success. I was getting phone calls from friends that went, at all hours of the night. It got bad enough to where I had to turn off my phone to get sleep. I wake up at 6 everyday and I need my ""sleepy time"".

I've been taking it easy and just relaxing since school let out. I'm trying not to do too much. Since I'll be living in a house in the fall, I want to save up just incase the unforeseeable happens. I went out everyday last summer and I spent entirely too much on food because of it so I pack now. I'm going to Wal-Mart and buying food that I know how to cook, and even experimenting with more intermediate level dishes. I figure I have to get better at cooking before the school year starts so that I don't go hungry. lol... "