Summer Time!...

Everything has been going well. School let out about a month ago and instead of going straight to work, I've been hanging out for the past month. I figure I have my whole life to work so I'll enjoy my college summer now and work later in life. I've been in contact with a few local engineering companies and I may work with this company if we can come to terms on the details of my employment. If I accept I'll go to Fairmont, WV for a week and get to know the team I'd be working with remotely.

The weather lately has been unbearably hot. I find myself longing for the fall but then I realize with the nice cool weather comes the responsibility of school. So I'll just deal with the heat. However, I have been taking advantage of this weather. I had my first summer BBQ of the year about a week ago and it was a big success.

Last semester I had my second highest GPA and made the Dean's List. I had to work hard last semester and I'm just thankful that my efforts were rewarded. I feel like if I could get through last semester I can be on the Dean's List for the rest of my time here. Once the semester ended I had to schedule my classes and that meant paying off some parking tickets. I recommend getting a parking pass if you're going to bring a car on campus. I have one and I still get tickets but if I didn't have one I would definitely have more tickets than I do. I know it seems expensive but honestly it is a worth while investment. I know of one prestigious private research college in Cleveland that charges $600 a year for a parking pass.