The Recession knows no age...

Lately things have been looking bleak for the economy; it's bad and getting worse every day. College students are being affected in the worse way. Graduating seniors are having extreme difficulty securing jobs, and due to a second round of cut backs at a local engineering company, the co-op program was suspended. Some of the participants are UD students and they will be released from their co-op company in the middle of their work term this semester. I know too many students who've lost their co-op's or internships due to the Recession. The stimulus bill is the option our government is taking and hopefully it works.

I'm happy to see that we are withdrawing the troops. That was costing our country a lot of money for nothing, in my opinion. We are now reaping the harvest of what we sowed the past 2 Bush administrations. There was too much wasteful spending on Wall Street, the government was misleading the American citizens and as a result this next presidential term will be mostly cleanup. Hopefully, when the Obama administration does well, they can get another term and America can leave the 8 years in surplus like the Bill Clinton presidency, minus the scandal. Regardless this stimulus plan has to work for everyone's sake.