The 'Spot' on campus this week...The Commuter Lounge!

"This week's been packed full of activities for me. So basically it's been a normal week in engineering. But one experience stands out above the rest. I just recently discovered where the commuter lounge is and the fun that goes on there.

I was walking out of Kettering Labs after class the other day, after an all but interactive MATLAB class, and ran into one of my friends. She was headed for the commuter lounge, in Kennedy Union, to do homework and since we have classes together, I went with her. We worked in the lounge for about 2 hours on some CPS 350 homework with very few people in the lounge with us. Then, around like 6 pm, people started trickling into the lounge. I was confused by this because I thought, at 6pm commuting students should be commuting home. The reason for their gathering was for a Dungeons and Dragons game.

Now I've heard of D&D before and always dismissed it as something I would never take part in, even though I only heard of it up to that point in my life. But after watching people play the game and the fun the participants had, I've developed an appreciation for the game and, time permitting, would give it a try.

D&D is for very creative individual's and can go anywhere the players choose. The Dungeon Master, or DM, is like god in a sense. He or she, and yes some girls were playing, gets to determine the scenario the other players face while in the Dungeon, and the other players have to try and escape the Dungeon in a variety of creative and, more often times than not, unsuccessful ways. It's easier for the DM to take the game into a new direction than the players. If the players want to try and escape the dungeon or the DM scenarios, they have to make ""checks"". For instance, if the bridge the players were on collapsed, the game would pause, in a sense, and players would be allowed to try and jump for safety. They would only make the jump if a role of their die was greater than a certain threshold. Your chances of passing a check increase depending on the type of check being made and your characters skills. In the previous scenario you would make an athletics check to jump for safety but if you wanted to look for a ladder to grab hold of, you would make a perception check. If a player passes their ""check"", the game goes in a new direction and the DM has to adapt their story.

The game is basically an interactive story, where everyone is an author. To me, the possibilities seem endless and because of this, the game is more about socializing and having fun than anything else. But in the middle of a hectic week, it was a nice breath of fresh air to see people just enjoying campus and the people herein. "