Time management + Midterms = Success...

The OMA networking event was a success for those that attended the 19th of this month. Another OMA event this past Friday in the VWK main meeting room I attended intended to promote unity on campus and what steps need to be taken to promote a more unified UD culture. It was a very interesting dialogue between students and OMA administrators and supporters. One reason people gave for being disconnected was their focus on getting good grades.

Of course we all came, or are coming, to UD for the great academics. OMA wanted to get across the point that there can be a middle ground between social life and academic life. Through many late nights and tiresome mornings, I've learned that time management is the most important quality a college student can possess.

This Friday is my ancient Chinese history midterm and since me and history aren't the best of friends, I have to do a little extra to prepare. Today I spent 5 hours on the 6th floor of the library reviewing the notes, consulting the internet and summarizing notable events in ancient china. To top it all off, I got text messaged from just about everyone in my circle of friends about going or doing something more fun than studying. It was really hard not to just put the work off until tomorrow but I got it done and, unlike freshman year, I won't be up until 4am. I'll be studying all week still, of course, but because I did the hard part today, I won't spend another 5 hours studying. Instead I think I might go to one of the Hispanic Heritage Month events.