Weekend Festivities...

Tomorrow there is an OMA (Office of Multicultural Affairs) event in McGinnis. They are bringing some alumni in so that students can network and build relationships with people already in industry. The event starts at 9 am, which is really early in my opinion but there will be FREE breakfast and FREE is always worth getting up early. I will miss the majority of the program because I have a little group meeting at 2 in Kettering Labs for my Electronic Devices class but I'm going to make an effort to at least meet some of the alumni.

My group is meeting to get a head start on homework that was assigned to us this Wednesday. It's not due for 2 weeks but we all can only meet together tomorrow and we don't want to wait until the week its due to start on it. I don't anticipate that meeting taking too long but after that meeting I'm going to get a jump start on studying for my differential equations test I have on Monday.

I felt like I did very well today on my weekly quiz in differential equations. But some of the material that is going to be on the test we haven't actually been quizzed on yet so I'll spend the majority of my time going over that material. Luckily my Electronic Devices group has either taken diff. eq. already or they are in it with me so I won't have to study the material too long.

One thing I would recommend would be to get a study group for all your classes together at the beginning of the semester. It'll keep you accountable on the material and you'll spend less time doing homework and reviewing for tests and quizzes.