What a week...

This week was very eventful. The campus was a sight on St. Patty's day. With the warm weather and the abbreviated classes, for some, it was a good day. There were a couple of parties in the south student neighborhood and lots of students enjoyed one of the warmest day's this year.

The game yesterday was a success. There was a huge screen in Humanities Plaza that the game was being shown on. The game came courtesy of DishTV. It was cool that the student orgs would provide something like that for the general population. There's nothing like going to the games and since we were in the NCAA tourney this year and it was in Minneapolis, it was good to still be able to watch the game with other UD students in a setting like that. There was free pizza and good conversation.

Yesterday was the OMA lock in. It was a good event. It was from 10:30pm until 7 am this morning, but I left around 3. People played basketball, card games, taboo, twister, ping pong, tennis and volleyball. It was a wholesome way to spend a Friday night on campus.

Today there's a step show on KU terrace, M-fest on Art Street, and later tonight the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity incorporated, will be presenting their new members. There will be an after party at some point, the location is TBA, but it will be a nice event.

I've always talked about how busy engineering is but there are a lot of social activities that take the sting out of the long hours. I'm going to have a little bit of fun this weekend. But before I do, I have some homework that needs my attention.