A Great Week in General

This week was a great week in general. Yes, I did have two midterms (biology and biology lab), but I felt prepared for both of them. I was a lot less stressed than I was last week, probably because of the study techniques I used. It’s a lot easier to maintain focus when you take short breaks every once in a while.  Also, I called my parents on Wednesday and they said they would be coming down to visit me.  It was great to see them again today. They took me to lunch and Wal-Mart to pick up some things. They also replenished my stock of Mountain Dew and granola bars, both of which are vital in order for me to complete the school week.

Yesterday, Beta Beta Beta, the academic honor’s biology fraternity, held its new member retreat. We went to a park not far from campus. It was the perfect day to be outside, especially with all of the fall colors. It was a great opportunity to meet everybody as well. I am really glad I decided to get involved with Beta.  After I got back from my retreat, and took a much needed nap, my friends and I decided to go look at some of the options for sophomore housing.  We still have plenty of time until we need to start worrying about it, but it was a nice day and it’s something we have wanted to do. The apartments in Campus South are pretty nice. Each has a kitchen, family room and eating area, bathroom, storage closet, and three bedrooms, two people to a room.  We don’t really have an idea of where we want to live next year, which is completely fine. We still have a lot of time until we need to decide.

I am excited for the upcoming week. I do not have any tests, so it should be a relatively stress free week. Also, the second season of intramural volleyball starts tomorrow night. Hopefully this season, our team, the NERDS, can at least win one game... But like I said, it should be a relatively stress-free week with plenty of time to relax. And sleep.