This break has been awesome. It is nice to have nothing to do for once. I don’t have to worry about homework, papers, quizzes or tests. I also have had plenty of time to catch up on sleep. I am also extremely glad that I have had a ton of time to read. I love to read but during the semester there is not much time to read for leisure. The first day I arrived home for break, I compiled a giant stack of books to read. The pile quickly depleted, so I asked for more books for Christmas. Some of the books I have been reading include Ian Fleming’s James Bond series and a lot of books about medical school and residency and a few biographies about famous doctors. I also re-read one of my favorite books: Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder. The book follows Dr. Paul Farmer, a Harvard doctor who spends a considerable amount of time at a hospital he founded in Haiti. Before my senior year of high school started, I went on a mission trip to Guatemala and was extremely affected by the sheer poverty of the population. One of my goals is to start a hospital in Guatemala City, so I find Kidder’s account of Dr. Farmer truly inspiring.
            For Christmas, I also received the James Bond series on blu-ray. It has been great to relax and simply sit on the couch and watch the television. Lazy? Yes, but I think sometimes it’s necessary to take time to just do nothing. I have also been looking into summer research and internship programs. I have decided to take organic chemistry over the summer to free up my schedule for my sophomore, but I also really want to volunteer or do research, so I have had plenty of time to look into opportunities. I have also hung out with friends I have not seen since summer, which is one of the highlights of my break.
           Despite the great time I have had on break, I think I am ready to go back to Dayton. I love being home, but I miss my floor-mates and my other friends at school and I am ready to start the new semester. I’ve ordered my books and bought new spirals and am ready for classes to start back up again. Plus, the sooner we start, the sooner summer break will come.