Fall Break

Fall break started on Wednesday after classes. Unfortunately, my biology class did not end until seven o’clock. Thankfully, my mom was willing to drive down to Dayton after work and pick me and my friends up and take us back home. After two and a half hours, we finally pulled into our drive way. I was home. It was great walking inside and being greeted by my dog. He was so excited to see me! My brother had even stayed up to wait for me. Even though my mom had rearranged the kitchen and family room, it still felt the same. Later that night, it felt like I was back in high school again – I was up late watching television and doing chemistry homework while everyone else was asleep.

I got up early the next morning to start studying for my midterms. When I get back from break, I have a chemistry, biology, calculus, chemistry lab and biology lab midterm. Fortunately, they are all after fall break, allowing me plenty of time to study… ideally. It seems like I am busier at home than I am at school. I’ve visited family members, went to lunch with my grandma, and even got a chance to visit my high school and see all of my friends who are now seniors. I have also slept. A lot. My brother’s birthday fell conveniently on a day I was on break, which was great because I got to be there for his sixteenth birthday and see all of my family members at his party.

Being at home has made me realize how awesome of a family I have. It also made me realize how much I really like the University of Dayton. Although I missed being home, I was ready to go back. After four days of being home, it was time to go back to school. The number of things I brought home from school seemed to have increased greatly when I attempted to fit all of it in the trunk of my friend’s car. Thankfully, it barely fit and the two and a half hour ride to my second home, the University of Dayton, commenced. Once I got back, it was great to see everyone else. We have all formed close bonds in Founders and it was great to see all of my friends again.