While home, I was able to go to my cousin's thirteenth birthday party. It was a great surprise for the majority of my family because not many of my relatives knew that I was home. My dad's side of the family is pretty large, so it is always great to see everybody again and be surrounded by family. My cousing Tiffany was especially happy to see me. She had just learned how to rip-stick and was eager to show me her skills and teach me how to ride one. I cannot even skateboard, so rip-sticking proved especially challenging for me. She couldn't believe that I was in college and couldn't rip-stick! She said I should take a class on it. If only...

It was great getting the chance to catch up with my aunts, uncles and grandparents. They were all very interested in how college had been going for me. I had so much to tell them. We talked about classes, intramural volleyball, extracurricular activities, food - everything. My Aunt Julie, who also spoils me, had created another care package for me. She had already sent a Halloween care package conisting of oatmeal cream pies, skittles, starbursts, chocolate covered almonds and Hershey's chocolate bars. This care package conisted of even more skittles and starburts and a ton of granola bars. I have been eating a lot of granola bars lately. On Monday and Wednesday, I don't eat a meal until around 4:15, so I eat a few granola bars before classes. It was great to see everyone again, catch up and spend some time with my cousins. Family is something I will never take for granted.