Family Weekend

Family Weekend was awesome. I had been anticipating it all week. I had not seen my brother since I left for school and, yes, IÂ’ll admit it, I missed him. It was great to see my parents, too. My best friendÂ’s parents arrived early on Friday night and invited me to dinner. Leaving campus was an odd feeling. I had been to Brown Street with friends a couple of times, but actually seeing Dayton outside of campus was an interesting experience. I never realized it, but being on campus is kind of like living in a bubble. It was weird seeing life outside of campus. At dinner, it was great getting the opportunity catch up with my friendÂ’s family and talk about how school was going. Although stuffed from dinner number one, my parents took my friend and me out to dinner again when they arrived later that night. It was great to see them in person. We have been Skyping almost every week, but it does not come close to actually seeing them in person. After a late dinner, we made plans for Saturday morning and said our goodbyes.

Saturday was a great day to spend with the family. We went to breakfast and lunch and later we went to the football game. It was great being around my parents and brother again. After being independent so long, it felt good to be surrounded by them again. On Saturday night we made reservations for P.F. Changs, one of my favorite restaurants, with my friendÂ’s family. Beforehand, though, we went to see a hypnotist in one of the Kennedy Union ballrooms. I didnÂ’t think I would enjoy the show, but it was one of the funniest things I have seen in quite a while.

My family headed home Sunday after breakfast. We all had a great time over the weekend. It was awesome getting to see my family again and talk to them in person about college. I also got to show my brother around campus – he thought it was great! Although I had a lot of homework to do on Sunday night, it was well worth it knowing that I got to spend time with my family.