This year, I am living in Founders Hall. Founders is one of four freshmen dorms, the others being Stuart, Marianist, and Marycrest. Despite what many may say about Founders, I would not want to live anywhere else. I live on the third floor in the Honors on Globalism Learning, Living Community. So far, it has been awesome. Sure, the building is old, but it has character. Maybe the rooms are smaller than others, but the hallways are wide and everybody takes their laptop or homework into the hallway and we hang out with each other. There are also a ton of floor games that people play. People pass the soccer ball down the hallway, play frisbee and even rip-stick. The sense of community in Founders is awesome. Everybody knows each other's name. I wouldn't want it any other way. Not only is UD a tight-knit community to begin with, but our dorm is a community as well.

Even more surprising is that one of my best friends is living right next door to me. I have known him since the first grade and since then we have attended the same school. It was awesome knowing that I would be going to the same college as him, but it was even better to find out he would be living right next door. I am also rooming with one of my best friends from high school. Another one of my good friends lives in Marycrest. Coming to college with so many good friends was definitely helpful and made the transition easier, but I am confident that if I did not have them with me, I would feel just as comfortable as I do now. I am glad to see that we all stay within the same group of friends, but I am also glad to see that we have all branched out in our own ways. I feel like we have reached a happy medium between familiarity and meeting new people. UD is going really well so far and I cannot wait to see what the year will bring.