Getting Involved

In high school, I was very involved. One of the goals I set for myself in coming to the University of Dayton was that I wanted to involve myself. I wanted to put myself out there. During the first few weeks, it was hard to even think of accomplishing this goal - it seemed as if there was just too much going on. After a couple of weeks, we had Up the Orgs, a three day even in which all of the organizations had stations in the Humanities Plaza to encourage new students to join organizations. Unfortunately, I had class for the majority of the time this even was going on. Then, in my biology class, two representatives from Beta Beta Beta came to talk to us. Beta Beta Beta is the national honors biology fraternity. I went with a few friends to the informational meeting and afterwards I was set on joining. Not only was it a group in which students interested in the biological sciences could meet and talk to one another, but it provided a sense of belonging. All of the members were really nice and I soon came to think of them as mentors. They all have great advice seeing as they have been at UD for at least a year. I am really glad I decided to join.

I am also tutoring every Tuesday. Through the pre-medicine office and ASI, I was able to get involved with DECA, or Dayton Early College Academy. DECA is a charter high school that focuses on preparing first generation students for college. I am really glad I had the opportunity to help at DECA. Not only are the faculty welcoming, but the kids want to learn. They are all extremely driven. I have tutored in a number of subjects, including Spanish, English, calculus, geometry and chemistry. I look forward to tutoring every Tuesday. Tutoring at DECA allows me to leave all of my stress and homework in my dorm room and go focus on something and someone else. It is such a great feeling when you know you have helped a student understand material that has been challenging for them.

I am glad I have had the opportunity to get involved with Beta Beta Beta and DECA. It's important for there to be a side to college that is not all about academics. I am happy that I have found two positive ways to do this.