Getting Oriented

Friday was the first day of orientation for the students in the honors program. I was a bit worried at first – I do not really like being thrown into new situations. I am pretty shy as well. After our welcome lunch, we were split into our small groups for the day. Even though this was the part I was most worried about, it went surprisingly well. Everybody in my small group was kind and welcoming and our orientation leader did a great job getting the nerves out of everybody. I had to remember that everybody else was new and probably just as nervous as I was. Throughout the day, my group really bonded and I ended up making some very good friends. The sense of community here is amazing and it is great to see other incoming students contributing to this atmosphere.

During the free time we had on Friday, my group and I decided to explore campus. There is so much to do at Dayton! We played indoor soccer, basketball, and sand volleyball. This was also a great way to meet new people as the teams seemed to grow in number as the games progressed.

On Saturday the rest of the incoming freshmen arrived on campus. Our schedule became jam packed with activities – they sure kept us busy! From lunch and dinner to dialogues and lecture series, there was never a boring moment.

Orientation provided a great opportunity to become acquainted with campus and meet the people with whom I will be sharing the next four years. I have already made some great friends and I am excited to get to know them even better as the year progresses. It was the perfect start to freshman year and the next four years here at UD.