Halloween on Campus

On Wednesday, we had Halloween on Campus. It was so much fun! Basically, kids came trick-or-treating to all of the freshman dorms. To prepare for their arrival, all of the halls were decorated. It was great so see everybody work together towards a common cause. The sense of community was awesome. Some of the halls did a really great job of decorating. The first floor of Founders created a haunted maze – it looked really good. My friends and I even went through it once or twice. Some people on my floor, including my roommate, even carved pumpkins. They looked really good. I also helped the fourth floor make a haunted stair well. It was a ton of fun. <p>

At first, I was pretty disappointed because I had biology class during the scheduled trick-or-treating hours. Everybody was getting into their costumes and setting up chairs outside their doors while I was getting ready to walk to class. When I got out of biology, though, I was excited to see that there were still people going from dorm to dorm. In the end, I was able to pass out candy, which was a really great experience. <p>

I am really glad UD had Halloween on campus. It was for a great cause and reminded everybody of the carefree days of childhood. It provided a great opportunity to forget about all of our impending homework, quizzes and tests for a little while. Overall, it was a great night.