Lunch and Family

While home on break, I have discovered a glorious truth – family members want take you to lunch. And, being a college student, I have learned to never turn down free food. One of my uncles has taken me to lunch three times. My grandma has taken me to lunch once. I am pretty sure I have gained more weight during this break than I have the entire first semester of college. But I’m okay with that.
But of course, I do not go simply for the food. I have a very close family and have missed countless gatherings because I was at school, so I have been trying to see my relatives as much as possible over Christmas break. It is nice to be able to just sit down and talk, not over the phone as it had been earlier in the semester, but in person. We have talked about next semester, my summer plans and countless other things. ItÂ’s also nice because I donÂ’t have to cut the conversations short because I have a test to study for or a paper to write. It is really great to see everyone again. The free food isnÂ’t all that bad eitherÂ…