Well, the week is finally here - the time for midterms has come. Today I had a Chemistry midterm and chemistry lab midterm and tomorrow I have a math midterm. Fortunately, I have had all of fall break and the beginning of the week to study. I did not think three midterms in one week seemed like a lot, but it definitely has been. I didn't even take into account the papers and homework for other classes that I would have to juggle on top of studying for my midterms. Chemistry was the midterm I studied most for - I spent every free minute going over notecards, re-reading the chapter, or going over my notes. I have been pretty stressed out lately. Thankfully, my friens have noticed this and have encouraged me to take breaks. We have gone for ice cream, played volleyball, and watched movies. I guess forgot about the fact that I need to have fun, too. My friends definitely helped lower my stress level, and even helped me study at some points. This week has taught me that I need to develop better study habits. In high school, I studied a lot, but I did not have to study in advance. Cramming the night before usually helped. I did not think this method would work for my midterms. Thankfully, I realized this soon enough to change my study habits before my midterms today.

Next week will be another hectic week for me. I have a biology midterm and a biology lab midterm, as well as a math quiz. I will use this week as a learning experience. I now know how I need to study. Thanks to my friends, I have also learned that not only is okay to take breaks, but it is necessary. Hopefully the implementation of these new-learned strategies will help lower my stress level and raise my grades.