Retreating Home

This semester has picked up significantly within the last week or so. Thankfully, I had a dentist appointment (I promise I don’t look forward to going to the dentist), meaning I had a reason to go home for the weekend. My mom drove down to Dayton on Friday to pick me and my friend up and take us back to Toledo. It had been a beautiful week in Dayton – people had been walking around in shorts and lying in KU field enjoying the weather. So, naturally, I assumed the weather would be the same in Toledo… And, naturally, I was wrong. When I finally got out of the car, it was freezing. The low temperature compounded by the fact that I had only brought a wind breaker home with me made for a cold weekend.

There were of course some pluses to being home. It was extremely less stressful, which was a welcome change. Also, I got to catch up on all of the Criminal Minds episodes that I miss while at school. Friday night was my cousin’s birthday party, so it was great to see my family again. For her birthday, she got a phone and now she cannot stop calling to “see how I’m doing at college.” I think it’s pretty cool that she wants to know how things are going. I also got to have dinner with my Grandma while I was home, which is always nice. It was great to just catch up with her. On another note, I have four impacted wisdom teeth that need to be removed this summer. Obviously, I will not be looking forward to that part of vacation.

Midterms are next week, meaning the amount of work in all my classes has increased. The thing you realize in college is that homework and sleep have an inverse relationship – when homework increases, the amount of sleep I get on a regular basis decreases. On top of the extra work, it is supposed to snow this weekend. All of this added stress will just make break that much more rewarding. It will be nice to have four days to relax, and, of course, sleep.